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Plenary sessions
Opening Plenary
Challenges for Today's Internet
Keynote: G. Sadowsky

Enhancing you Virtual Presence: Dream or Reality?
Keynote: Ole. J. Jacobsen

The Role of Directories in emerging network technology
Keynote: P.Gietz
What is Middleware and why do we need it?
Keynotes: M. Gettes, K. Klingenstein
(via VC from USA)
P5 Web Festival Awarding Ceremony
Closing Plenary
Session A - Internet & society


E -learning and the transformation of IBM
Author: P. MacEke, IBM


Creating an Internet Society - The Volkswagen Net story
Author: P. Egger, Volkswagen Coaching Company, Germany


Internet and Spatial Data Infrastructure - Towards a Spatial Society
Authors: V. Cetl, M. Roic, H. Matijevic, Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, Zagreb


What do we (not) know about our users?
Author: J. Stojanovski, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb

Using of Present-Day Equipment and Technology for quadriplegic Persons
Author: A. Slonjsak, Croatian Association of Paraplegics and Quadriplegics, Zagreb
Session B - Networking technologies


A Method for the Remote LAN Management
Authors: A. Bazant, T. Babic, V. Salinovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb


Conceptual Architecture for QoS in Heterogenoeous Wireless Networks
Authors: O. Popov, R. Rahmani, I. Popova, Institute of Information Technology and Media, Mid Sweden University, Sweden


Process monitoring and control using Internet and cellular telephony
Author: M. Stipcevic, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb


GRID for Scientific and Economic devolopment of Croatia
Author: K. Skala, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb


Improving multimedia content delivery in CARNet community
Authors: R. Macek, Z. Zelenika, Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, Zagreb

B6 Mobile Internet: Business Necessity or Toys for Boys?
Authors: A. Priscan, Vipnet, Zagreb
Session C (part 1) - ICT in education: Experiences


Preparing/using net in art teaching
Author: J. Damjanov, Faculty of arts, University of Zagreb, Zagreb


Metodical Internet center for Art classes
Author: M. Huzjak, Teacher Training Academy, University of Zagreb, Zagreb


Internet in foreign language teaching (Russian language)
Author: R. Sejic, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zadar, Zadar


Geodesic on the Internet - a new teaching experience
Authors: D. Medak, B. Pribicevic, I. Medved, Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, Zagreb

C5 Computer Classroom A Place Where Children Acquire Basic Computer Skills And Knowledge
Authors: Z. Vrbanac, V. Praznik, Elementary School Davorin Trstenjak, Zagreb
Session C (part 2) - ICT in education: Experiences


Working on Web sites to the education of using PC and Internet in Schools
Author: E. Kadic, Medicinska skola Ante Kuzmanica, Zadar


Using the Net to Teach about the Net: An Experience in Giving Web-based Courses
Authors: I. Popova, O. Popov, R. Rahmani, Institute of Information Technology and Media, Mid Sweden University, Sweden


Teaching & Learning Medical Physiology With Web-Based Technology
Authors: S. Kukolja Taradi, K. Radic, M. Taradi, Medical School, Department of Physiology and Immunology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb

C9 Internet in Education: Chemical Changes During the Extrusion Process
Authors: A. Nincevic, D. Kovacek, I. Jelicic, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb
Session D - Virtual communities and workplaces


Virtual Universities - Croatian Perspectives and Current Challenges
Author: B. Mijatovic, University of Zagreb, Zagreb


Electronic Health Centre - a web site for continuing education of general practitioners
Authors: J. Bozikov, H. Ivekovic, J. Kern, D. Mladinic-Vulic, Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, Zagreb


Virtual Breast Cancer Centar
Authors: D. Karelovic, L. Males, S. Mladenovic, Clinical Hospital, Split


Online examination registration service at the Faculty of philosophy in Zagreb - issues and experiences
Authors: V. Mateljan, K. Pavlina, D. Pavusin, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb


Teleconferencing and Ear Surgery
Author: S. Branica, Teleconferencing and Ear Surgery

D6 A system for delivering clinical laboratory results by e-mail
Authors: M. Petrovecki, Z. Romic, K. Brkic, Dubrava Clinical Hospital, Zagreb
Session E - Virtual worlds


An Embodied Conversational Agent for the Web
Authors: K. Smid, I. Pandzic, Ericsson Nikola Tesla ETK; University of Linköping, Sweden


The Magic of Virtual Presence
Authors: S. Baksa, I. Baksa, Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb


Electronic Workplace - The Complete Laboratory Environment
Author: P. Valožic, Polytechnic of Zagreb, Zagreb


Virtual Audio Chat: User Interaction and Audio Quality Evaluation
Authors: L. Skorin-Kapov, S. Matesa, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb

E6 Sports Performance Visualisation in Teaching Activities
Author: K. Marasovic, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education, Split
Session F - ICT in education: Technology


Directions in e-Learning
Author: P. MacEke, IBM


What is a Digital Textbook
Author: P. Pale,Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb


Software Platform to Build a Web-Based Education System
Authors: M. Taradi, S. Kukolja Taradi, Medical School, Department of Physiology and Immunology, Zagreb


Setting up an Online Web Based Conference Center at Visnjan Observatory for Educating Students in Science
Authors: I. Turcin, K. Korlevic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

F5 Croatian Portal of Schools - an educational community on the Net
Authors: D. Jurekovic, E. Kadic, F. Glavan, I. Zanetic, T. Krajina, M. Puh, S. Deljac, S. Sersic, V. Lendvaj
Session G - Web technology


Application of UriGraph to Uniform Resource Identifier Design
Author: H. Simic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb


A tool for adding Dublin Core metadata to Web pages
Authors: I. Ljubi, G. Stojsic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb


Can Web understand Croatian language?
Author: A. Novak, CARNet, Zagreb


Internet as e-business backbone for small and medium size companies
Authors: I. Matasic, I. Magdalenic, I. Pejakovic, D. Pintar, M. Sokic, M. Topolnik, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

G5 Measurement of Croatian Web space: preliminary results
Authors: M. Milinovic, D. Penezic, H. Stipetic, N. Topolsčak, University Computing Centre, Zagreb
Session H - Libraries on the Net


Digital libraries - creating information space excellence: is it already time for benchmarking?
Author: R. Vrana, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Information Sciences, Zagreb


Digital libraries and the visually impaired
Author: K. Golub, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Information Science, Zagreb


Building Faculty of Philosophy libraries WebPAC - experiences and lessons learned
Authors: M. Glavica, D. Pavlinusic, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb


Online Bibliography of the Psyhiatryc Hospital Vrapce
Authors: Z. Majdancic, V. Jukic, Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, Zagreb

H5 School Journal
Authors: D. Bensic, D. Kruljac, Faculty of electrical engineering, Osijek
Session I - Web applications

I1 Introducing XML-based Content Management to General Info on Croatia
Authors: D. Damic, G. Gledec, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

I2 Incorporating a weather service in WAP.HR
Authors: H. Komericki, M. Hadari, D. Eldic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb
I3 Putting Croatia on the Map: 2001 Census Data Made Available on the Web in Graphic Form
Authors: V. Luzar-Stiffler, University Computing Centre; C. Stiffler, CAIR Research Center; M. Gredelj, D. Skrlec
I4 MojPosao - Internet recruitment and selection in Croatia
Author: N. Bakic, Moj posao, Zagreb
Importance of Accounting Websites in Informing on Accounting Practice
Author: B. Hadrovic, Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Osijek
Electronic Signatures: Introduction and Applications
Author: V. Hasller, A-SIT Secure Information Technology Center, Austria

Content Management Systems
Authors: K. Zimmer, FER; D. Pavlinusic, Pliva; K. Horvatincic, CARNet; Zagreb

Metadata on the Web
Author: M. Milinovic, SRCE, Zagreb
How to make the most of your Linux workplace?
Author: V. Kostrujak, FOI, Varazdin
Introduction to LDAP
Author: P. Gietz, DAASI, Germany
Tutorials and meetings
Building Intranet Services on Linux - from home to big business
Author: I. Gustin, ELIN, Pazin; H. Dogan, CARNet

Media on Demand Services
Authors: Z. Zelenika; R. Macek, CARNet, Zagreb

T3 How to get the best out of the INSPEC Database
Author: E. Dimmock, IEE, UK
  Closed Event: E-health & E-education
Panel Sessions
Future of grid-like initiatives in Croatia
Host: D. Dobrenic, SRCE, Zagreb
10 years of the Internet in Croatia: lessons learned
Host: P. Pale, FER, Zagreb

10 years of the Internet in Croatia: visions outlined
Host: P. Pale, FER, Zagreb

Sponsors' Presentations