Sports Performance Visualisation in Teaching Activities

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Kristina Marasovic, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education, University of Split

In the last several decades, biomechanics has demonstrated considerable growth evolving from an exercise in the filming of human movement to applied science with a powerful array of experimental measurement, theoretical modelling and computer simulation technique. A lot of different sport activities have become of great interest to a wide community and so to students.

The goal of this work is to enhence the instruction of natural sciences, mainly physics, by making use of emerging information technologies. Using computers in the classroom with sophisticated modelling, visualisation, simulation, and interactive capabilities, it is possible to improve the way a student acquires a particular kind of knowledge or skill. This work is an example that provides an interdiscplinary way to create and evaluate rich interactive learning environments in physics and biomechanics that are usable in classroom practice, and that makes steps forward the field of learning technologies including visualisation and model manipulation.

We have created several interactive virtual programs of some sport activities. They are represented in a way that allows interactivity with learning environment. This learning environment enables students to go beyond traditional learning methods. They can use their ability to explore, visualise and change parameters of environment in a way that is hard in real world.


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