Software Platform to Build a Web-Based Education System

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While many World Wide Web pages concerning distance education and learning already exist, this paper on distance education focuses on the technologies used to make distance education possible. This presentation will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing of Web sites of educational organizations.

Many faculty members may find the thought of adapting their courses for an online learning environment intimidating at first. After all, we have become content experts in our chosen fields of study, not technology wizards. Variation between different kinds of software may be significant, making the selection of appropriate software important and very dificult.

I will present my project of building Web.mef site. This is an experimental collaborative and informational system for students and teachers of Medical Faculty of Zagreb. OpenSource technologies ( Linux, PHP, Apache, Perl, C, Java, J2EE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ant, Smarty) are used for all system development. We have content management systems, forums, chats, news, announcements, student administrations, tracking students, exams, etc. The biggest advantage of such software it that you have a copy of the source code and a license that allows you to modify it!

The biggest problem and challenge facing most Web learning sites, and of course our Web.mef site, is simply getting people to use them and to visit them regular. The World Wide Web is ready for serious distance education delivery, but it's not technology, it's what we do with it!?

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