GRID for Scientific and Economic devolopment of Croatia

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Karolj Skala, Ruder Boskovic Institute

Grid technologies are establishing today the basis of a new class of infrastructure that will enable a new generation of approaches to scientific research. Grid arises from the strategically developing technologies in the area of global computer-network system and from the increasing need to apply them in the latest scientific work and the competitive knowledge-managed economy. Development, testing and applications running of the cluster computers farm and disc servers will be carried out at Ruder Boškovic Institute, SRCE in Zagreb and FESB in Split, thus providing all scientists with the access and use of super-computer resources through the Grid portal server. A farm of cluster computers with the distributed hardware, program support and technical monitoring system will be presented too. An integral computer support will be developed for parallel programs, accountings, authentifications, statistics, monitoring and security for Grid users.
The tested middleware program tools, developed and adapted to specific needs of Grid will be implemented. This will create the environment for efficient scientific work, and a testbed for up-to-date novel methods and generic grid applications. There will be the background for linking other resources except the computer clusters: databases, intelligent instruments, (NMR automated analytical equipment ..) virtual laboratories, etc. The services for applications of the front end informatics tools for scientific and engineering multidisciplinary and multuiinstitutional work are presented.

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