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Edin Kadic, prof., Medicinska škola Ante Kuzmanica, Zadar,
Fredi Glavan, prof. O.S. Rikard Katalenic Jeretov, Opatija,
Ivo Žanetic, prof., Gimnazija Požega,
Matija Pužar, prof. O.S. Porec
Marica Puh, prof., Gimnazija Pula,
Saida Deljac, prof. Tehnicka škola Šibenik,
Snježana Seršic, ravnateljica, III Gimnazija Osijek,
Vlado Lendvaj, Srednja škola Ivan Švear, Ivanic Grad
Darko Jurekovic, HT, Special Networks Department (speaker)

As far as infrastructure deployment of the Internet connections in Croatian schools is concerned, Crotia successfully crossed the "Digital Divide". The question is no longer "what" to use, but "how" to use it and "why". As in many other countries in Europe, only a minority of teachers and pupils is enabled to use ICT in schools. It is necessary to enable them (teachers and pupils) to use established infrastructure, and to use it not just to gather information, but to publish information, to learn on-line, to
communicate and to collaborate. Croatian Portal of Schools, a voluntary effort of teachers of informatics all around Croatia aims to present a model that should both facilitate and stimulate communication, cooperation and collaboration among schools, teachers and pupils. It should also accelerate ICT introduction in curricular activities. Projects goals, organisation, development, current structure and achievements are being presented in this overview.

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