Media on Demand Services

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Zvonimir Zelenika, Robert Macek, CARNet, Zagreb

Goal of the Tutorial is to give an overview of various multimedia services that can be quite easily implemented within academic or research institution/department. Aim is to clarify the definitions of various services (streaming / broadcast / production...) and analyze requirements and solutions for those services on some real life examples.

CARNet's multimedia services (MoD services) will also be demostrated, as they offer various finished turnkey solutions: production, broadcasts, media storage etc., which can be used by anyone within CARNet community (Croatian academic and research community). Examples of partneships between CARNet and various academic, research and non-governmental organizations will be presented to show how services that CARNet MoD services offers can be utilized.

Some tehnical issues will be covered during the Tutorial, but mostly for the purpose of precise definitions of technical requirements for various services (actually, to demonstrate that you can do a lot with very limited funds and equipment).

Discussion between the participants will be encouraged, to exchange the experiences with multimedia services and their introduction into everyday research, educational or presentation activities.

More information about the Tutorial and CARNet MoD services is available on http://mod.CARNet.Hr/docs/.






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