Project RivaOn, Working on WEB sites to the education of using PC and Internet in Schools

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Edin Kadic, Medicinska škola Ante Kuzmanica, Zadar

The project Riva-On started on September 2001, in Medical School Ante Kuzmanic Zadar. It was logical continuation of the successfully realized ex- project out of curriculum education of the students (and teachers) in using ITC.
We tried to spread and realize positive experiences to the other High Schools of Zadar County. We wanted to make closer relationship between schools as well as to introduce them to the community. It is the place where all necessary information of the group of similar interests could be found -–Group of High Schools of Zadar County.

RivaOn is edit by the students and teachers of the Zadar High schools.

Base elements of RivaOn:
1. Main information about Zadar schools.
2. Left – All facts assigned to teachers and students are applicable. In their parts of the project teachers and students announce their e-mails, find interesting addresses of different sites of educational forums, e-literature, seminars and competitions information, medical advices etc.
3. Central part consists of interesting daily information.
4. Right - Links: school or class web sites, out-curriculum activities, educational WEB (local and foreign education-blocs) etc.


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