The Magic of Virtual Presence

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The paper shows the procedures of construction and animation of high–quality virtual human bodies, employing automated and traditional hand methods of 3D-character designing and construction. The use of modern automated 3D digital body scanners and motion capture systems is presented, as well as the art of traditional key–frame animation. It is found out that the author-developed software systems of static bodily anthropometry "ErSABA" and dynamic bodily ergometry "VatoSABA" considerably contribute to graphic personalisation of real human models, offering exact dimensions, appearance and movements of the virtual characters thus based. Using the above systems and software applications, it is also possible to create internet-based virtual characters, animated on the basis of real persons or custom-designed cyber actors, based on personal preferences and requirements of the user. The authors believe that the implementation of the existing technology can result in the construction of virtual 3D characters characterised by adequate virtual identity. The paper also shows that using computerised 3D graphic environment modelling it is possible to create photo-realistic virtual interactive miraculous synthetic worlds with an unlimited number of themes and their variations.

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