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Students of the Russian language and literature in Croatia have many problems finding adequate literature. There are no grammars, no textbooks and no dictionaries.
For that reason in my work with students I use the Internet as much as possible. The Net has proven to be an open window to Russia – the information is available here and now and is always new (contrarily to our 20 year old textbooks).
In my paper I show in what way we use the Net. The most important site is gramota.ru. It is the portal financed by the Ministry of the press, radio/TV and communication of the Russian Federation because the Russian language is the official language of the multinational Russian Federation.
It is organized in six parts, the most improtant are literacy (with the news, journal, reading room with text from 11-20 centuries, internet olympics in Russian, etc. ; online dictionaries (more than 60 different dictionaries); and enquiry office (with 14389 questions and answers about the grammar- even we from Zadar asked some of them).

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