Directions in e-Learning

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e-Learning is attracting a lot of attention in the press at the moment. If we are to believe all that we read, this will be the savior for corporate education - providing affordable learning for today's mobile workforce. But is really the case, or is e-Learning just the latest in a e-wave of over-hyped internet applications?
If we are to realize the full potential of the World Wide Web and all its associated technologies, then they need to be seen as another delivery medium for training and integrated into the rest of the corporate curriculum. Doing that requires a greater understanding of the technologies available and how best to apply them for realistic and realizable training benefits.

In this session, the speaker will address new and evolving technologies and their application to corporate training. In particular, pervasive computing, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, and why standards, both established and emerging, are important to the business.

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