Using of Present-Day Equipment and Technology
for Quadriplegic Persons

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Persons with quadriplegia have partial of full lack of functions under level of injury (neck part of spinal cord). They are mobile by using of wheelchairs. Quadriplegia is often a result of an accident. The hardest fact is that to this person the whole life is fundamentally changed. From the beginning handicapped are not only this person, but also his or her family and environment. This person cannot return to his or her regular job since the whole society is not adapted to needs of people who are mobile in a different way and who are able to do certain jobs adapted to their possibilities.

Adjustment of such person’s living space, as well of his or her working environment with present-day equipment and technology may allow to this person more independent and improved life.

Since I am a quadriplegic person who is currently using a programme called “Dragon Naturally Speaking”, from my experience I am in a position to value its positive and negative characteristics. Advantage is that this programme makes easier to manage PC by voice. Disadvantages are that it is not localised (translated into Croatian language) and an automation of home is not possible.

Programme which is at that time recognised as the most helpful not only to disabled people as well to all other population is HAL 2000 DELUXE PROGRAM. With it, a person is able to manage by voice with all electronic devices using a microphone or telephone connected to a PC controller, which is connected to a power grid.

With this project is possible to expect more quality life for persons having high percentage of disability as well easier purchasing of present-day equipment and technology.

More about it: http://www.automatedliving.com

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