Electronic Workplace – The Complete Laboratory Environment

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Dr. sc. Predrag Valozic, Polytechnic of Zagreb

In this paper the purpose of an electronic workplace for students and educators and the expected outcomes and benefits will be described. The development of electronic workplace as a new virtual environment where students can find the appropriate tools, i.e. data and applications that enable them to collaborate virtually to meet their educational goals will be conceptualized. An experiment with the electronic workplace implemented in laboratory environment was performed. Description of the solution and results achieved will be presented, and certain experiences evaluated.

The following topics will be addressed:

1. Why and how to set up an electronic workplace.
2. How to organize an electronic workplace.
3. How to optimize the cost of the solution.
4. The didactic aspects of an electronic workplace.
5. The tradeoff between general purpose and dedicated software in education.
6. How to interface various software applications.
7. How to choose and integrate different objects in the multimedia report.
8. User activities vs. automation.

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