Metodical Internet center for Art classes

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Interaction, multimedia and net structure of Internet gives a new dimension to the transfer of information and to bringing materials to the home of the user, and it slowly blures borders between education and self-education.

Art class education is usualy left to the creativity of teachers. As a aditional help to selfdevelopment of teachers I created «Metodical Internet center» with instructions for preparing and executing art classes. It is orientaded to the teachers of children 7 – 11 years old (elementary school), but it is also usable in education for older children. In the website can be found all the material that can be of use to the teacher, stressed on curiculumes witch are already tryed in pracice. These curiculumes are further linked to detailed definition of things that influence that art class, which make an net structure. Every page has a reproduction of childrens works. There is also a link to the page describing an art class from the project for prevention drug abuse colled «Duga» («Rainbow»).
On the Student page there are information about Art class and Art metodic class on the Universety. Also, you can find there lesson in Microsoft Power Point format, content of Metodical exercises for summer and winter semester, information about art materials needed for attending Metodical exercises and list of literature needed for the exame.

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