Measurement of Croatian Web space: preliminary results

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Miroslav Milinovic, Dubravko Penezic, University Computing Centre, Zagreb,
Hrvoje Stipetic, Zagreb Fair, Zagreb,
Nebojsa Topolscak, University Computing Centre, Zagreb,

We present the preliminary results of our work on the measurement of Croatian Web space. The goal of our project was to measure the size and diversity of the electronic resources available via HTTP protocol from the Web servers in .hr top level Internet domain. Related metadata have been analysed too. We used conventional gathering techniques to acquire the data needed. Therefore we measured only publicly available and indexable Web space, not the so-called "deep Web". Our findings showed expected results. Croatian Web space is simple and not so big (little less then 320 GB). We also concluded that metadata are neglected even misused in some cases. We found that our results correspond to the results of similar research projects on the Internet. It is our plan to continue this work enhancing both the gathering method and the analysis of the gathered data.

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