Building Intranet Services on Linux - from home to big business

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I. Gustin, ELIN, Pazin; H. Dogan, CARNet

The idea behind this lectures is to give an overview of using Linux and other free software solutions in SOHO environment, but this could be reflected to small business as well. We intend to review, analyse and give the possible solutions that are both cost-effective and easy to implement.


1. Differences between Free Software and proprietary software - What is free software, what is GNU license, what are the differences, what are good facts, what are bad facts. Calculating TCO and hidden costs.

2. Thinking over Linux and other free alternatives Why Unix? Differences, difficulties and state of the art GUI interfaces for Linux - free alternatives to most known proprietary software.

3. The test: deploying free software in your home The first step is to deploy small enviroment in home to get in touch with the technology, to play with it and to see how can it fit to satisfy individual requirements.

4. Deploying free software in your company Migrating from proprietary to free software; data exchange, backup, twilight time between running on proprietary and free software. Technical issues and how to circumvent them.

5. Social issues of migrating to free software Dealing with your employees, getting them used to work on different platform; self- and inhouse- training of new technologies.

6. Benchmarking first savings Taking the bill and counting the pennies - how much did we save by using free software?

7. Avoiding mishaps at home and in company Technical overview of most important aspects of deploying new technology; how to make transition as smooth as possible?

8. Hardening the security Final step in moving to free software - security benefits of free software; how to tighten the security model to get more secure working environment.

9. Sky is the limit. Open talk about what can be done after the step 8.

10. How and why to tell the others Reasons why it is important to talk about good and bad experiences in using free software in your enviroment.

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