Virtual Breast Cancer Centar

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Deni Karelovic, Split Medical School, Virtual Breast Cancer Centar

The “Breast Cancer” project is being realized by the support of CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network). This site offers multimedia review of recent breast cancer data, not only for doctors but for patients, too. Agatha club (Agatha is a saint, martyr and the patroness of breast illness) makes this project original, i.e. unique in the world. The project is dedicated to the people who suffer from breast cancer. To become the club member you need to fill out a form that contains personal questions, as well as those about your illness. All members are anonymous and mutual communication among them is allowed. For example, database contains following member’s data: country of origin, city, age and gender, as well as TNM classification of breast cancer. That gives them a chance to communicate with each other about their problems, for example, which surgeon to choose, where and what kind of implant to get, exchange their experiences of psychological problems etc. Members have also the advantage of consulting, free of charge, known specialists (oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons and psychiatrists) about their disease. This database is beneficial for those with breast cancer and will also become the source of the information for epidemiological studies which will be published in the international scientific journals and will clarify epidemiological-etiological factors of breast cancer.

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