Online examination registration service at the Faculty of philosophy in Zagreb – issues and experiences

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Doc.dr. sc. Vladimir Mateljan, Krešimir Pavlina, Damir Pavušin

This paper introduces experiences gained during the phases of development, implementation and use of the online examination registration service (OERS) at the Faculty of philosophy in Zagreb. The OERS is a software application which primary function is to facilitate the communication between students and the Faculty administration. It has been developed by active participation of students as an example of a web service project. By participating in this project students have gained the first hand experience in development of a web service. The OERS is now operational and can be accessed by use of a Web browser or a mobile phone by WAP and SMS. The paper will also explain how the developers of this projects resolved some of the problems related to the process of development of OERS and especially how they tested the components of the service. During the beta testing period, the authors got first positive feedback from the first users, which will help them to plan future service expansion. Some of the future service expansion will include connecting with the Faculty’s student administration, broadening of the services tailored to specific user needs and additional content enhancements.

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