Putting Croatia on the Map: 2001 Census Data Made Available on the Web in Graphic Form

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Vesna Luzar-Stiffler
University Computing Centre and CAIR Research Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Marijan Gredelj
Central Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Charles Stiffler
CAIR Research Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Dubravko Skrlec
Central Bureau of Central Bureau of Statistics, Zagreb, Croatia

This article describes how the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of the Republic of Croatia adapted existing SAS Institute software modules in order to cost-effectively achieve the aim of moving Croatia toward “digital government” by providing the world with administrative data results from the 2001 Census in GIS/map/graph form.
As featured at some other government web sites (see e.g., US Census Bureau, Statistics Sweden), CBS decision makers and CAIR Center researchers implemented an effective data visualization application (for use by citizens, institutions, government, international agencies, etc.) consisting of 4000+ HTML-linked graphs ( including maps, bar/pie charts, pin-charts, and “age pyramids”) presenting “in a right and simple way” nationality data, education, age/gender, and household level data by county and municipality. (On the first day of availability, 80,000+ hits occurred at the CBS’ site.)

The application was developed using SAS base and graph modules with intensive use of ODS (Output Delivery System) and macro programming, thus enabling rapid application development (17 days) and allowing for easy modification and upgrades as new statistical survey data become available.

The CBS is fast becoming a critical new source of fresh digital information for social institutions, government decision makers, and curious international investment/funding audiences.

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