Content Management Systems

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Kristijan Zimmer, FER, Zagreb; Dobrica Pavlinusic, Pliva, Zagreb; Karolina Horvatincic, CARNet, Zagreb

In recent years Web-based Content Management Systems became very popular, as they allow dynamic update of different types of information and data formats on Web sites such as information portals, on-line groupware/collaborative, community and distant-learning sites.

A CMS generally increases the efficiency of an author / editor by introducing a consistent environment specialized for rapid delivery of content which can consist of news articles, managed documents, workflow, links, polls, discussion forum postings, community items, calendar events, etc. combined with sophisticated administration (content adding, editing and deleting).

In technical terms it allows separation of layout/design from module functionalities and enables user customization - from content to layout.

The workshop will demonstrate CM features of the new CARNet's public Web site, based on the FER Web engine and CARNet's expertise in the field of Internet services, built as a result of collaboration of these two institutions.

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