Preparing/using net in art teaching

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Jadranka Damjanov, Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb

Any human activity can be considered a language activity if satisfies to syntagmic and paradigmic axes. So teaching art appreciation systematically and in an organised way can be also considered as a language activity. This idea is the basis for the Methodic Syntagms and Paradigms (MSP), an undertaking on the web which will be presented.
The project has been edited by a group called Avangarda which consists of ten secondary school art teachers, one University professor and one University assistant and assisted by some computor experts.
There are already on the web about 300 exercises and about 2800 pictures prepared to be used in the first and second years of Secondary school teaching art appreciation and art history. The main syntagm is : drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photo and film.The main paradigms are the elementary sign, syntax, cadre,etc or Prehistory, Egypt, Greece etc

The presentation contains the following: a) details of an original workshop in Centar za kulturu i obrazovanje Zagreb ( a video tape); b) the same workshop in J.Damjanov, Art Adventure, a notebook, Hermes Zgb 1999., a manual for students and teachers; c) the main exersise out of this workshop on the web; d) the structure and cross references of the whole project on the web, as well as introducing the authors; e) how students use the web in preparing their lessons; f) student’s original paradigm of the same exersise presented at first; g) students performance at school (video tape); h) how the ideas/materials expande; i) how this approach is propagated in a manual for teachers.

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