MojPosao – Internet recruitment and selection in Croatia

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Breaking barriers between reach and richness of information (rich, complex and structured information can be delivered widely) is one of the main paradigms of Internet. Internet recruitment and selection uses this paradigm at its best.

Starting in October 2000, MojPosao has reached a critical mass of both businesses and employees, thus becoming the leading 'market place' for employing specialists and management in IT, finance, marketing and some other sectors.

In the presentation we describe the functionality of the web site. We show some quantitative parameters of the web site performance: growth in unique visitors, number of registered users, ads and exposed CVs. The SW engine ‘behind the scenes’ is shortly discussed. The structure of visitors, CVs and ads is discussed.
A special structure of MojPosao users allows us to research some characteristics of the Croatian labour market and we discuss some results related to work behaviour and interdependence of professional and private life (e.g. work on weekends, love affairs on working place, corruption in obtaining a positions).
We finish by discussing perspectives of Internet recruitment and selection in Croatia and in general.

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