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CUC 2002 topics include:

      - Virtual worlds and virtual citizens
      - Electronic workplace
      - Learning/teaching experience on the Net
      - Social aspects of the Internet
      - Quality of Internet information space
      - Multimedia and real-time applications

      - Special topic: 10 years of the Internet in Croatia

We seek your experience and opinions about the actual Internet tools and services in use. How can we use their full potential in everyday life? How do we build our virtual identities and workplaces? We seek your results, examples of successful use of the Internet in your everyday work. What are the benefits? Are there any drawbacks? What are the social aspects and implications of the Internet?

We have the ability to co-operate globally, at amazing levels, regardless of boundaries and distances. How can we use full potential of the advanced, multimedia tools to improve the way we work over the Internet? Are we satisfied with the existing concepts?

With GRID-like applications the network has become the computer! Are we satisfied with the existing authentication and authorisation mechanisms? Do we pay enough attention to security and privacy?

The Semantic Web concept is bringing a better-structured, knowledge-enhanced Web. What are we doing to enhance the quality of the Web information space? How successful are we in using the Internet in education and knowledge sharing? We seek your experience and results in learning and teaching on the Net.