Marin Ivanković

Marin was born in Osijek, in 1997, and throughout his whole life, he has loved, actually, has been passionate about everything related to aviation and flying. Throughout primary and secondary school (grammar school for science and mathematics), which he attended in Osijek, he was a member of the Aeroclub Osijek, mostly in the modeling section, while he maintained contacts with general aviation aircraft pilots who introduced him to flying. He decided to concretize his love for aviation by acquiring the title of Master of Aeronautical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb.

During his studies, he was an active member of the Croatian Aviation Students Association as the vice president, a pilot, and the leader of radio-controlled aircrafts for the Air Cargo Challenge 2019 in Stuttgart. He was also the founder and manager of the project “Let’s go Flying” in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, Trade Air, and FPZG and organized hybrid meetings of students with pilots of aircrafts of different categories (both face-to-face and via videoconference). The desire to dedicate his life even more to aviation prompted him to obtain a private pilot license and enroll in the PhD program in fluid mechanics (Environmental and Structural Aerodynamics) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb and the Technical University of Berlin.

Apart from aviation, he loves music, especially liturgical music. That’s why he recreationally plays numerous instruments and uses every opportunity he can to sing, either by himself or in a company.