Antun Zupanc

The Principal of the Center for Education Krapinske Toplice. He lives and works in Krapinske Toplice. He graduated from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb. For the last ten years he has been the Principal of the Center for Education Krapinske Toplice. He is by profession an Educational Rehabilitator.

Since March 2021 he leads the Association of Educational Rehabilitators of Croatia, an organization that unites all associations of educational rehabilitators in Croatia. The Center for Education Krapinske Toplice was the only educational institution of its kind in the Republic of Croatia involved in the e-Schools pilot project. He is an advocate of the implementation of modern IC technologies in the process of educating students with disabilities which he applied in his work – from distance learning and online collaboration with other schools as a type of eTwinning project (from 2009 to 2011), to assistive technology, and assisted and alternative communication. In 2008 he won the first prize in the “Content” category at the European Forum of Innovative Teachers organized by Microsoft and represented Croatia at the World Forum of Innovative Teachers in Hong Kong (in 2008).