Marc Prensky

An internationally -acclaimed keynote speaker and award-winning author of 10 books, Marc Prensky is known globally as a “re-framer,” with new out-of-the-box ideas. Marc has given keynotes in over 45 countries on 6 continents. He is the coiner of the well-known terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant”— both now in the Oxford English Dictionary. His latest book, EMPOWERED!: Re-framing ‘Growing Up’ for a New Age has been called by reviewers “visionary,” “radical,” “moving,” “transformative” and “extremely insightful.” Marc’s work is taught in graduate schools around the world and he serves on the Advisory Boards of several companies and organizations.

He started the Two Billion Kids Project and The Global Ministry of Empowerment Accomplishment and Impact to empower every young person on the planet to improve their planet, both locally and globally. Marc’s many talks, writings, interviews and videos can be found online at,,,, and His hashtags are #marcprensky, and @marcprensky. Marc’s newest writings can be found on his newsletter, THE PRENSKY PERSPECTIVE ( Marc’s YouTube channel is Marc can be contacted directly at

I CAN, ICHOOSE, I ACCOMPLISH : How To Make the Most of What You've Been Given to Prepare your Students for THEIR Future

In this keynote I will help everyone—teachers, parents, administrators and policy-makers—understand WHY it is so important that they ALL MOVE TOGETHER toward a new way of preparing young people for their future—and HOW to begin doing it. They will leave knowing that is NOT about just ‘doing the old things differently,’ but about DOING NEW THINGS that better fit the changing world and human era that our young people are quickly entering. They will understand that the educational future of both adults and young people is less about ‘learning’ and ‘awareness’ and more about ‘choosing‘ and ‘accomplishing in the real-world.’  Attendees will leave enthusiastic about their new possibilities, eager to take new actions to move themselves and young people forward—and make a better world for all of us in the process!