Gordana Jugo

Gordana Jugo is the Head of the Department of Educational Technologies at CARNET, where she has been working since 2002. The focus of her work is to support educators at all levels of education in the application of digital technologies in learning and teaching. She holds a Master of Educational Technology degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

She promotes and implements positive trends in e-learning such as open educational content and open source systems. In January 2014, she launched a mass open online course for professional development of educators – Moodle MOOC, as one of the first courses of its kind in Croatia.

She participates in the e-School project on the development of digital maturity systems for schools, the development of digital competencies of principals and support for educators in their educational work and professional development. She initiated the idea and managed the AMORES project, the first European project coordinated by CARNET. She has also participated in other European educational projects such as CRISS (Cloud-based digital learning infrastructure for the Certification of digital competencies in primary and secondary schools) and ODS (Open Discovery Space).

She was a first-generation participant in CARNET’s E-learning Academy, where she worked as a mentor for many years. Although she cannot imagine life without digital technology, she believes that it should be in the service of man. She is a lifelong learner who supports innovative approaches to student-centered learning and teaching