Antonija Bilić Arar

Antonija Bilić Arar is a journalist and the editor at the technology portal Netokracija, where she combines her previous two careers – that of a media editor and the experience of working in larger and smaller startups and technology companies. She writes about technology, startups, social networks and digital trends, and her favourite topics are the ones that intertwine technology, business and society.

Teaching Generation Z: Can TikTok Help Us?

Mobile phones, digital applications and platforms in the last few years have become willy-nilly an integral part of teaching. At the same time, the students were ‘hooked’ on the new application and the short and dynamic video content characteristic of TikTok is now a part of their everyday life. Can we turn TikTok from a distraction to a teaching aid? Because there are not only kids frolicking and dancing, but also a real treasure trove of educational content!