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CUC 2014 - The Movie

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The CARNet Users Conference - CUC has been held constantly since 1999. Over the years, CUC has established itself as a platform for presentation of new achievements and trends in the field of ICT, but also as a place of social interaction, exchange of contacts and ideas and new partnerships.

As a Conference sponsor, you will be provided with a number of possibilities of presentation to a wide circle of CARNet users and associates - professors and teachers in primary and secondary schools, members of the scientific and research community in the Republic of Croatia, CARNet system engineers and coordinators and specialised web experts and ICT businessmen. You will also be provided with an opportunity to advertise new products or services. Direct communication with users and key accounts is just one of many benefits provided by this kind of cooperation.

We invite you to support our efforts in the organisation of the 17th annual CARNet Users Conference CUC 2015.

For all additional information and suggestions concerning sponsorship, please check our Sponsorship packages or feel free to contact us at:

Petra Premerl
tel.:    +385   1 6661 749
mob.: +385 91 2480 914

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