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Conference Topics

The main programme of the conference was divided in 5 thematic parts:

  1. Classroom Without Walls
  2. e-World @ School
  3. Internet All Around Us
  4. Managing Change in e-Schools
  5. Loss of Privacy in the Digital Age

The paper entitled "Application of Information and Communication Technology in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Croatia" by a group of authors from the University of Zagreb and the Zagreb Technical Polytechnic - Tea Pović (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), Katarina Veleglavac (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), Mia Čarapina (Zagreb Technical Polytechnic), Tomislav Jagušt (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) and Ivica Botički (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) – was declared the best paper of the conference by the International Programme Committee.

The presentation entitled "Tackling Challenges in Working with New Technologies – iLab in the First Four Grades of Vežica Primary School" by Ksenija Laleta-Puž and Vedran Gergorić from the Vežica Primary School in Rijeka was declared the best presentation of this year's conference by its participants.

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