CUC 2004 / New Frontiers / New Techhnologies for New Needs
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Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure for Croatian Academic and Research Community / WS3

Miroslav Milinović; University Computing Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

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Building an authentication and authorization infrastructure (AAI) in order to seamlessly provide a uniform, easy to use and secure access to network and networked resources has become an imperative. Nevertheless, this task requires not only technical but also organisational changes.

This workshop consists of two parts. In the first, introductory part, we explain the AA problem and the concept of AAI. Current situation in academic, research and education community in Europe and USA will be briefly discussed. The second, main part is concentrated on the current status in Croatian academic and research community. University Computing Centre - Srce and CARNet have started a joined project endorsed and financed by the Ministry of science, education and sports of Republic of Croatia, with the goal to establish and maintain AAI for Croatian academic and research community.
Participants will get the information about the state of the project as well as the future plans. Technical and organisational challenges will be discussed.

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