CUC 2004 / New Frontiers / New Techhnologies for New Needs
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CUC 2004 took place more than a year after the success of the joint TERENA & CARNet TNC & CUC 2003 Conference titled “User Opportunities - Network Challenges”. It turned out that our challenges have led us to the new services, our opportunities gave us a chance to express new needs, to demand more from the network we use. Therefore it seemed natural to entitle CUC 2004"New Frontiers".

Under the motto "New Technologies for New Needs" we addressed topics like:

  • Authentication and Authorisation Systems
  • Web Services and Advanced Applications
  • Multimedia, Videoconferencing and Streaming Applications
  • Information Availability and Security
  • Advances in Distance Education
  • High Performance Computing, Clusters and Grids.

There were three distinguished keynote speakers, Mr. Harald Alvestrand, Mr. Rishab Aiyer Gosh and Mr. Ton Verschuren who joined us this year. Mr. Alvestrand addressed the standardisation process on the Internet, Mr. Verschuren discussed the AAI puzzle and Mr. Gosh talked about the importance of free software. Here, I would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.

To enhance the learning experience we had three tutorials (T1, T2, T3):

  • T1: Deploying multimedia materials and creating advanced quiz assignments
    with Web CT
  • T2: Ovid: How to make better use of existing information resources
  • T3: Managing and implementing e-learning in higher education institutions

and five workshops (WS1 - WS5):

  • WS1: How to use videoconferences in education?
  • WS2: Security Policy in Academic Environment: Design and Implementation
  • WS3: Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure for Croatian Academic and Research Community
  • WS4: Portals in Higher Education: Beyond a mere integration of services: a drastic (r)evolution in IT organisation
  • WS5: Open Office as a replacement for commercial tools.

In that effort, renowned experts joined us with the wish to provide you with high quality and up-to-date information. My sincere thanks to all the authors for their time and contributions. Also, I’d like to emphasise, as a special contribution to the program, presentation of the Giga CARNet project.

This year international Program Committee has accepted 43 papers. Therefore,we had 9 paper sessions where authors presented their work. In addition, we had four very interesting panel sessions.

Web festival competition this year has been looking for the best Web site with educational content. Until September 6 we received 72 applications out of which the jury selected the best sites that entered the final competition for awards. Traditionally, apart from the awards presented by the official jury, the users had the opportunity to vote for the "Users’ Choice" Award via the Conference Web site.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the program committee, the organising committee and the Web festival jury for their dedication.

Thanks to our sponsors - they made it possible.

Miroslav Milinović
Program Committee Chair

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