Web Festival

The World Wide Web is a hypermedia information system providing easy access to information on the Internet and its possibilities resulted in new and creative applications of information technologies. It fired the enthusiasm and imagination of users because it laid before them numerous applications and possibilities which traditional media can not compare with. This is especially true for education. One of the most used and effective online education tools is the Web. If one wants to communicate information, educate students/users or promote his projects, institutions, and ideas, it is extremely important to have a good, attractive and useful web site.

Being aware of that fact, we decided to promote this activity and encourage individuals and institutions, especially faculties and institutes, to create and develop useful web sites by organizing the contest for the best web site with educational content.

The contest was open to everybody. (Rules of the contest) Since June 1st till September 10th, 1999 we received 55 applications for Web Festival. Check out the list of 21 web sites selected in official competitions.

The Jury officially awarded three best web sites and five Special Mentions of the Jury were given.

Apart from the official contest, all visitors of the official Conference web site had the opportunity to vote for the best web site in the contest (21.-30.09.1999) and a special award - "Users' Choice" was given.