mr. Predrag Pale

If there would be a single property of human beings to be pointed out that differs us from the rest of the world we know it would be the ability to learn and the ability to teach.
The modern society is facing some problems mankind has had no experience with until now: the rate of discovery, development and implementation of new knowledge at a pace much higher than the ability of an individual to acquire it; the pace of change of some of the foundations of society at much higher rate than the ability of society to accommodate; and the fact that a single century, the 20th, has produced the amount of knowledge greater than that in the whole previous existence of human beings on this planet. “Knowledge management” is a modern phrase for education. Education for any age, any profession in any area.
Internet and new information technologies seem to be promising ideal education: any and every information available to everyone, anytime and immediately; multitude of sources, opinions and views on any subject; ability to search and process huge amounts of data and information in short period of time virtually without human work; ability to consult with other people’s experience without space or time barriers. And all that at a very, very low price, affordable to anyone.
Yet, there are so little real life examples and resources that really do deliver these promises. Obviously, the technology itself cannot provide solutions to our needs and problems, only humans can.
Therefore CARNet and Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Croatia have been, are and will continue to broaden and intensify the range and scope of their activities aimed at helping, assisting and stimulating every individual and organization exploring the ways and means to leverage new information technologies in never ending attempt to fulfil eternal human strive to know. CARNet User Conference is an attempt to bring closer those who have experience, vision or just hope to share

mr. Predrag Pale
Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Science and Technology