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Fasten your connection, we're taking off

The main programme of the conference was divided in 7 thematic parts:

  1. New technologies - New Methodologies
  2. e-Maturity of Educational Institutions
  3. Connected World / (Dis)Connected Society
  4. e-Responsibility
  5. New e-Worlds
  6. Moving Beyond the Limits
  7. Towards a Synergy of Projects

The best paper presented at the Conference was selected by the international Programmes Committee is the paper with the title "Visual programming languages in high education", authored by a group of authors from the Faculty of Science in Split: Divna Krpan, Saša Mladenović and Goran Zaharija.

The best presentation held at this year's conference as chosen by the participants themselves was "Internet safety of children - development of school curricula", authored by Lidija Kralj, Veliki Bukovec Elementary school, Vesna Lončar-Cindrić, Mato Lovrak Elementary school in Nova Gradiška; Zehre Delić, Mladost Elementary school, Osijek; Darko Rakić, Popovača Elementary school and Davor Šimić, Elementary school Gripe in Split.

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