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14. CARNet Users Conference

In this  year of the Olympics, let us gather at  the CARNet Users Conference in the Olympic spirit! Let us be inspired by it, not in order for us to  compete with each other, but  to re-examine our own abilities. Can we improve the network we are developing, and it’s security? Do we know how to operate that network in educational institutions? What kind of content do we want to publish on it? To what extent do we want to control the Internet users? How will we teach young people that on the Internet, too, their freedom is limited by the freedom of others? How to use technology which they find interesting in a way to enhance their innovativeness? These and other topics will be addressed at CUC 2012. We invite you to make your own contribution to the discussion by submitting your  papers or to  propose workshops and encourage further learning!

Additional information about the Conference can be obtained by e-mail at

CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2012 will be held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.

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