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Programme of the 13th CARNet Users Conference was devided into 5 sections:

  • ICT Projects in Education, Science and Society
  • Information and Media Literacy
  • ICT and Pedagogy
  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Aspects of the Internet

3 scientific and 30 expert papers, which were accepted by the international Programmes Committee, were presented at the conference and will be published in the Collection of Papers on this website.

The Program Committee chose the paper by Marijo Božurić, from the School of Electrotechnics from Zagreb, and Mia Čarapina and Petar Jandrić from the Polytechnic of Zagreb, entitled "Introduction of flexible learning in secondary school vocational education and training: a comparative study of two schools", as the best paper of the conference.

The best presentation was decided by online voting of CUC participants and the prize went to the presentation entitled "Curriculum for initial learning of the English language in Ireland and possibilities of reading competence development by using educational software" by Davorka Bačeković-Mitrović, a teacher of Croatian and the principal of the 2nd Elementary School in Bjelovar.

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