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From Garage to Success

  • Get on the web with a diploma
  • Can student projects be commercialized?
  • E-benefactors – idea funding sources
  • Entrepreneur schools

Internet (Dis)Connecting People

  • Does the Internet have a “dark side”?
  • Personal information on the Internet
  • Spam
  • Internet – connecting or alienating people?
  • How do we communicate?

Social Networks and Education

  • Use of social networks in education
  • How to teach a safe, appropriate and responsible use of social networks
  • Examples of international projects accomplished with the use of social networks
  • Digital portfolio
  • “Private” social networks

Internet Integration

  • Integration of universities
  • A simple way of integrating contents
  • Knowledge management
  • State final exam
  • Educational contents on mobile platforms

Network Construction

  • Wireless community
  • Digital towns
  • System engineers with a drill
  • Internet telephony

Open Source Code

  • Using open/free source code to accomplish success
  • Using open/free source code to enter knowledge society
  • Using open/free source code – real life examples
  • Safety and privacy out in the open - is open safe?
  • Open standards - how to accomplish interoperability?

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