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CMS contest - Spruce up the web! 2010.

This year, once again the contest for the best school web site created in the CARNet CMS system will take place as part of the conference. Web sites of primary and secondary schools will participate in the contest entitled “Spruce up the web! 2010”, and will be divided in two categories: seniors and juniors.

The seniors include schools which set up their sites before 1 May, while the junior category will comprise schools that publish their sites in CMS after 1 May 2010. Schools will enter the contest by using the online form, and their web sites will be evaluated by the contest’s panel of judges, composed of experts from relevant fields. The goal of the contest is to encourage schools to create meaningful and useful web sites in the CMS system.

This contest also targets schools which already use this system to inform students, teachers and parents about the school, activities and news. The best web sites in both categories will be awarded with valuable and useful prizes.

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