CUC 2004 / New Frontiers / New Techhnologies for New Needs
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How to make better use of existing information resources? / T2
Alan Finn, Ovid Technologies, Berlin, Germany, Ovid
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Information sources are purchased and disseminated on many different platforms. Users have to learn how to work with a variety of different interfaces and a considerable amount of time is spent searching for information, instead of using information. Linking is a solution, but not when it is controlled by the bibliographic source: if every database has a different linking solution, work has to be duplicated to set up links to the same targets. LinkSolver avoids all these problems because it is a Universal Link Resolver, designed to create links from most bibliographic platforms to anywhere. Due to the implementation of a universal linking solution, all resource usage statistics will dramatically increase.

During this workshop we will explain:

  • The basics of open url technology
  • An overview of the history of linking
    • web- based linking
    • Links@Ovid
    • LinkSolver
    • the 3rd generation of linking
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