CUC 2004 / New Frontiers / New Techhnologies for New Needs
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Experiences with WebCT in Croatian academic community / R3
Moderators: Kristijan Zimmer, FER i Ivica Matotek, CARNet

This Birds-of-Feather meeting intends to gather e-learning course designers, tutors, students and WebCT administrators to discuss new possibilities and trends of taking part in the highest-quality e-learning.

Current and future users of this powerful e-learning tool, provided to CARNet member institutions free of charge, will exchange ideas and experiences with WebCT. Participants will discuss the strategies for improvement of more that 110 existing Croatian WebCT e-learning courses from all five Croatian universities, with the number of users and courses increasing every month.

Special feature: a sneak preview of localized version of WebCT

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