CUC 2004 / New Frontiers / New Techhnologies for New Needs
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How to survive surrounded with spammers and viruses / R2
Moderator: Lucijan Carić, Qubis
Participants: Željko Boroš, Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet, Osijek; Aco Dmitrović, Srce; Vlado Pribolšan, CARNet, C-CERT; Damir Sabol, Iskon.

How to fight spam – that is the question? There are many methods and ideas, but not all of them are successful or guaranteed to be successful. What is the solution for spam-free Internet – laws and legislation, various software and hardware solutions, encryption, changes of the standards, education?

It seems obvious that something must be changed – but what? If more and more countries start to impose anti-spam laws, would spammers simply move to countries without such legislation? If we filter 99,9% of spam with advanced solutions would spammers just enormously increase output and still be successful? Would it be much better to hunt those who really advertise (and benefit) using spam, not only spammers – basically messengers who just send the unwanted e-mail?

On the other hand unlike spammers who are mercenaries, virus writers are considered glory-hunters and their motifs are all but clear. Still, their handy-work is posing serious problems to IT community.
There are many questions, and on the other hand there are many answers, but it seems that nobody is sure which course to take – so it seems that all ideas are not only welcome, but very appreciated, too.


Lucijan Caric gained his LL.B. at the University of Zagreb. When he started to work in computer security and anti-virus field in 1991, he already had an extensive experience in the IT arena. He is founder and director of Qubis d.o.o., a Croatian IT security company partner of well known British security software wendor Sophos Plc. Caric is also columnist and advisor to a leading Croatian computer magazine BUG, speaker to many conferences and seminars.

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