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EJOL - Electronic Journals Online Library / E2
Authors: Ivana Pažur, Sofija Konjević, Ruđer Bošković Institute Library, Croatia


First intention for the EJOL Project - Electronic Journals Online Library ( was in 1997 but the project hasn't begun untill 2002 when EJOL was selected as one of the Applied Information Technology Projects and the funds by Ministry of Science and Technology were gaineded.

Application is based on server-side scripting language PHP and MySql database. Operating system on Intel platform is FreeBSD with Apache as web-server. Data is stored in RAID 5 disk array. Data is backed up daily.

The main goal of the EJOL project is to provide access to electronic journals via single interface. The database has been created with more than 5,000 journals and the number of journals is growing rapidly. Thirty five libraries participate in the project, and librarians administrate access to journals according their own electronic and print subscription. In order to make the lists of available journals more relevant, journals are sorted according to scientific fields. Croatian electronic journals are included as well.

It is possible to browse through scientific fields distributed according to UDC classification scheme and search by title, publisher, ISSN, Croatian and English keywords, title abbreviation, indexing and abstracting databases. Peer review journals are particularly stressed out. Since recently full text search is possible for some major publishers.

Accessibility level is graphically indicated and beside that library print holding is pointed out. One of the goals is implementation of the database on national level with possibility of cooperative administration which enables promptness of records.

In the near future e-archives and Croatian press will be included in the database. We will dedicate more time to education of users and librarians as well as promotion of project itself. We are expecting more Croatian libraries to be actively involved in the project and continuous growth of journals number. Usage statistics according journal title, publisher, scientific field will be available soon.
Croatian libraries not involved in the project yet are invited to register themselves at project home page.


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