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Author: Predrag Brođanac, V. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia


For the IDiMaSU project purposes we want to make some tool for generating exercises where questions and part of questions will be generated randomly. The meaning idea of the IDiMaSU project was to make Web application that every user can run on our local computer. In that case we were restricted to languages that can work without any Web server, languages that can execute only in Web browser. Because of that reason we choice the JavaScript language.

In first step we create many JavaScript functions that can be combined to make exercises (function for generating questions templates, function for generating exercise from the sets of questions templates).

With that set of functions user who will make exercises still must to know JavaScript language. Because of that we make one more step and make the ZadGen application. With ZadGen application users can make exercises without knowing anything about JavaScript programming language. Users only write text of the questions and in some place inside question they can call some functions from the set of functions. Inserting function call in question is very easy. For inserting function user just click on the function name in some menu, and putting values in prompt window that will be open.

Inside questions application can randomly generate some kind of number (in defined interval), or application can pick some value (word, letter, number), from defined list of values.

Evaluation of question can be defined in two ways:

  • putting answers in textbox;
  • checking answer in checklist.

For every answer a correct answer can be defined and a number of points for correct answer. At the end of the test solving, application will write percentage of correct solved questions automatically.

Program interface is user friendly and beginner users can be familiar with application within a few minutes. Screen of the application is divided into two parts. The first part contains a question code and the second part is preview of that question.

All exercises created for the IDiMaSU project was generated using ZadGen application.

I think that it is a very useful application that teachers can use for creating quick exercises where every student can get a test and test evaluation in less than second.


Name : Predrag Brodanac
Date of birth : January, 6th, 1977
Mobile phone :091 501 41 89
e-mail :

I graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and obtained the following qualifications:

  • mathematical engineer(computer science) - May, 2000
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Informatics-October, 2001

I have been working as a high-school teacher, with short breaks, since October, 1996 since December, 6th, 2001 I have been working as a teacher of informatics, in the 5th science(and mathematics) program secondary school during 2001 and 2002 I conducted drills(training classes) for the informatics course, at the Faculty of Construction, in Zagreb since August, 2002, I have been working as a research assistent on the informatical projects, in Pliva, as WEB programmer (ASP, JavaScript, Visual Studio .NET and many other tools which are specific for the projects)


  • I am s postgraduate student of Mathematics, in the Department of Mathematics, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • I am a research assistent of the Croatian Alliance of Informaticians where, among other things, I conduct classes in the camps for the young informaticians and I am the co-author of the items in the informatical competitions for the primary school students
  • I am a research assistent in the Croatian Mathematical Association where, among other things, I publish the articles in "MATKA" and "Poucak", the magazine for the young mathematicians
  • During the school year 2002/03 and 2003/04 I conducted the preparation classes in informatics for the students who wanted to enrol in a college, where is informatics one of the subjects required on the entrance examination
  • I am a research assistent in the informatical magazine "ENTER", published by Bug and SysPrint
  • I am an associate on the CARNET's project which deals with the production of the interactive multimedia-digital on the topic proportionality, reversed proportionality, percentage and interest account where I work as a JavaScript programmer and I work on the application which will enable generation of the interactive Web sites in JavaScript
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