How to get the best out of the INSPEC Database

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Eva Dimmock

Eva Dimmock was born in Czechoslovakia and studied in Prague at the Institute of Chemical Technology where she received Degree with Honour in Chemical Engineering. She continued her education in the UK where she obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Information Science at The City University, London http://www.city.ac.uk . In 1985 she joined the Institution of Information Scientists (this Institution merged recently with Library Association into one organisation called CILIP, http://www.cilip.org.uk/ ).

Eva worked for the INSPEC Division of The Institution of Electrical Engineers http://www.iee.org for many years in various positions, including Senior Information Scientist and Technical Administrator to the Managing Director Publishing. In her present position of Training and Sales Executive she is responsible for training and support of INSPEC customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. She is also one of the current INSPEC representatives to ICSTI http://www.icsti.org/

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