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Two years ago, in 1999 we hoped that CARNet Users Conference (CUC) would become an important annual event in our calendars. Now, two years later, after two successful conferences, it is a pleasure to announce that the 3rd CUC is offering a better and richer program with more interactive events and learning experience than the previous ones.

CUC 2001 is entitled "Joining Efforts". Under the motto "From Communication to Collaboration over the Internet" we analyse the Internet as a communication and collaboration tool putting more light on the topics like:
     - Internet Communities
     - Communication and Collaboration: Traditional vs. Multimedia
     - Collaboration in Distance Education
     - Web as a Collaboration Tool

Two distinguished keynote speakers Mr. Richard Perlman and Mr. Francois Fluckiger will join us this year. Mr. Perlman will speak about the true values of the Internet as a media, and Mr. Fluckiger will address the topic of multimedia on the Internet. Here, I would like to thank them both for their valuable contributions.

To enhance the learning experience we will have three tutorials (T1, T2, T3):
      T1 - Desktop video conferences,
      T2 - Successful use of Intranets,
      T3 - ThinkQuest program for teachers and students.

and five workshops (WS1 - WS5):
      WS1 - How to organise and run audio/video conferences
      WS2 - How to organise a virtual community
      WS3 - Running forums on the Web
      WS4 - Communications in Virtual Environments
      WS5 - Virtual Laboratories

In that effort, renowned international experts are joining us with the wish to provide you with high quality and up-to-date information. My sincere thanks to all the authors for their time and contributions.

This year's Program Committee has accepted a record number of 46 papers and presentations. Therefore we will have 9 paper sessions where authors will present their work. For the very first time we will have a guest speaker over the Net. Egon Verharen, from Surfnet will join us from his office in the Netherlands and speak about European videoconferencing and streaming initiatives.

In addition, we will have three very interesting panel sessions with discussions related to the main topics of the conference. However, we are open to your ad-hoc proposals to organize BOF meetings.

Web festival competition this year will look for the best Internet community Web site. Until September 4 we accepted 91 applications out of which the jury will select the best sites that will enter the final competition for awards. Traditionally, apart from the awards presented by the official jury, users will have the opportunity to vote for the "Users Choice" Award via the conference Web site.

Finally, my sincere gratitude to the members of the program committee, the organizing committee and the Web festival jury for their dedication and hard work.

Thanks to our sponsors - they made it possible.

Welcome to CUC 2001. I wish you a fruitful experience.

Miroslav Milinovic
Program Committee Chair