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About the Web Festival
CUC 2001 Web Festival is a special event within the CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2001. By organizing the Web festival, CARNet wants to raise the quality and stimulate the spreading of Croatian Web information space.

The Web Festival offers the authors an opportunity to present their work and compare it with the work of the competitors, and the general public is provided with the best works and an opportunity to grade them.

CUC 2001 Web Festival Topic
In accordance with the Conference topic, CUC 2001 Web Festival will be a competition for the best Internet community Web site. "Internet community" is considered to be a group of people who communicate, exchange ideas, collaborate and work over the Internet.

Web site of such a community provides its members with an opportunity for quality and diverse communication, but also more than that, it also has to make possible a collaboration over the Web. Another desired dimension of the Web site is a contribution for the general public, not only for members of a potentially small community. In accordance with the Internet use principles, where it is expected that something gets "returned" to all users of the Internet, in the grading process, it will be required that the particular Web site is open and useful for the general public. It is also expected that the site is the result of the work of a greater number of the community members.

Conditions and Application
General conditions for the application of a Web site are the following:
- Web site can be entered into the competition only by a person, as opposed to a company
- the person who enters the site into the competition has to be one of the leading authors of the site and a member of the "Internet community" which is the owner of the site
- the language of the site has to be either Croatian or English
- if the primary language of the site is not Croatian, the person entering the site into the contest has to be a citizen of the Republic of Croatia
- one Web site must be entered into the competition only by one person
In case that the candidate does not meet the requirements above, the Jury may disqualify the candidate. The Jury will try to resolve all problem situations in accordance with the aims of the Web Festival.

Prizes and commendations cannot be received by sites entered into the contest by:
- members of the Jury, Program Committee or Organizing Committee of the CUC 2001,
- employees of CARNet,
- employees at management positions or persons with an ownership share in a company sponsoring the conference, and
- members of the family of any of the groups above.

The Web sites mentioned above have the right to enter into the CUC 2001 Web Festival and compete in it.

Competition Deadlines
Candidates can apply for the CUC 2001 Web Festival from 17 April 2001 till and including 01 September 2001. The application is possible only over the Web. The URL of the application form is http://www.CARNet.hr/CUC/webfestival/registration.html

The Jury will shortlist the candidates for the awards among all those who entered the contest. The list of candidates short-listed will be published on the site of the conference on 21 September 2001.

On the last day of the conference, 26 Sept. 2001, the Jury will nominate the winner of the CUC 2001 Web festival, and two more candidates will be commended. Each one will be awarded an appropriate prize, too.

The general public will have an opportunity to vote via official conference site for the winner of the "Users' Choice" award. The voting over the Web will be opened on the day the list of candidates is published, and will close down on the last day of the conference, 26 Sept. 2001 at 12:00.