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Web Festival Awards

The Web Festival is a traditional special event dedicated to Web authors as well as Web users, providing the Web authors with the opportunity to present their accomplishments, to compare them, and to evaluate their impact. At CUC 2004 Web Festival was the contest for the best Web site with educational content. (The rules of the contest).

Here is the list of the sites registered for the contest.

Jury has selected the 14 sites - candidates for awards . In addition to the official contest, visitors of the official CUC 2004 Web site voted for the best Web page to be awarded a special prize - "Users' Choice".

Awards granted by the official jury

Following a desire of the Conference organiser to use this year Web Festival as a way of improving the quality Croatian Web information space with educational content the Jury has selected 5 projects that, from different aspects, represent some of the best efforts of applying the Internet technologies in providing users information of an educational value.
Taking into account all the criteria given by the organiser but also the expectations of the Jury it has been decided not to award the first place to any project as an outstanding work that fulfils the highest standards.

Second place

The second place is shared between two projects:

Matematika 1
Author: Ivan Slapničar
Author: Antonio Šiber

Matematika 1, Author: Ivan Slapničar
This project represent one of the most comprehensive educational web sites in the contest. Apart from the all information that this course offers, presented in the traditional format, this web provides range of multimedia and interactive elements that, in the best way show advantage of the digital textbooks over the printed ones. The organisation of the information is transparent and the navigation very simple while the overall graphical presentation somewhat outdated.

Nanoatlas, Author: Antonio Šiber
This web site contains a wealth of up-to-date information on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, presented concisely and comprehensively. Its particular attraction lies in presentation of the content through use of different advanced multimedia solutions. However, the design and production quality are falling behind the quality of the published content.

Third place

Author: Davor Gren

This web-site shows particularly consistent approach to information organisation, design and navigation. Using interactive multimedia, online tests and forums it provides recommendable level of interactivity with users which gives impression of the web site carefully produced to create user friendly environment to reach a particular educational goal.

Special mention of the Jury

Author: Saida Deljac
Interaktivna fiziologija: Jesmo li kiseli?
Author: Suncana Kukolja Taradi

IDiMaSU, Author: Saida Deljac
The jury has found IdiMaSU project as a fine example of application of multimedia in creating web interactive education material for primary and secondary schools. Interactivity as a function of the methodological goals is particular strength of this web. The jury believes that this project can encourage other authors in creating similar educational material that is so desperately needed.

Interaktivna fiziologija: Jesmo li kiseli?, Author: Suncana Kukolja Taradi
The jury has awarded this educational web site for its exemplary use of the courseware program in conducting university course. This web site has high quality of educational content, good navigation, and many interactive and feedback elements.

Users' choice award

PSE - Periodni Sustav Elemenata
Author: Borislav Dopuđa

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