Desktop video conferences

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With enough processor power and memory, an ordinary personal computer brings demanding multimedia applications to the desktop. Sound cards, microphones, together with modems are now considered standard PC components. Days of cheaper desktop video cameras are expected. More computers have temporary or permanent connection to the Internet. With minimal experience with at least one desktop video conferencing tool, communication can be easily achieved. The limit is - as it appears now - the Earth!
The tutorial starts with video conferencing basic terms, definitions and requirements. It continues by making a strong distinction between desktop and room video conferencing from streaming or video on demand, because of frequent misunderstandings.

From a wide palette of existing tools, whose summary will be given, Microsoft Netmeeting is chosen as a complete solution for collaboration and communication over the network. More than just a chat with video and sound, Netmeeting provides additional application whiteboard as well as desktop and application sharing. Former is of particular importance for teachers and administrators. Netmeeting is based on H.323 protocol set and can be used in cooperation with other standard-based applications.
Examples of possible usage of desktop video conferencing, as well as applications in CARNet will be given.

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