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Web Festival

The Best Presentation Contest was designed to encourage participants to actively follow the sessions at the Conference and criticize and evaluate lectures they had attended. Evaluation forms were anonymous. Speakers at the Conference were thus provided with honest feedback and evaluation of their work and presentation by their colleagues and users.

Each participant was given a questionnaire which he filled in and evaluated each presentation in two categories: The Best Presentation on the Conference and The Best Paper (quality of work).

In the category "The Best Presentation" participants evaluated the clarity and quality of the presentation, use of multimedia, attractiveness of the presentation.

In the category "The Best Paper (quality of work)" participants evaluated the quality of the work/project, idea behind it, its usefulness etc.

According to the votes of participants the following presentations were awarded:

  • The Best Presentation on the Conference

    B4 - WWW.HR - An Entry Point to the Croatian Cyberspace
    Gordan Gledec, Igor Ljubi, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb

    Prize: printer and weekend trip to Roga±ka
    Sponsor: Studentshop Perpetuum Mobile and Globtour Zagreb

  • The Best Paper (quality of work)

    F4 - Information retrieval meets human language technology Marko Tadic, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
    Prize: PC computer with monitor
    Sponsor: Eurocomputer Systems - ECS