T1 Building gateways to quality information on the Internet
     Lesly Huxley, ILRT, Bristol, UK; Marianne Peereboom, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Hague, Netherlands

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This tutorial gives an overview of current developments relating to information gateways and Internet resource catalogues, services which employ the skills of subject experts and information professionals to build collections of high quality information resources on the Internet. It addresses the many issues that arise when planning and implementing an information gateway. These can be either strategic issues (including premiminary planning, staff and skills requirements, system requirements) information issues (such as metadata, cataloguing, publicity) or technical issues (such as user interface, scalability etc). The tutorial will highlight best practice in these areas and the latest technologies behind information gateways. It will be partly based on the Information Gateways Handbook, a joint publication written as part of the DESIRE II project (1998-2000) by many of the leading information gateway practitioners in the world. The programme will include: terminology: what are portals, information gateways, internet resource catalogues; current developments in information gateways; practical issues: planning and implementing your own gateway; current developments in national and international co-operation and standardization and the importance of those developments in relation to your own gateway.